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Steven Chelliah - FUZASIAN

For Your Grammy® Consideration
Best Alternative Jazz Album

“Embarking on a musical odyssey that transcends borders and genres, Fusion-Jazz maestro Steven Chelliah has released his highly anticipated new album ‘FuzAsian,’ a mesmerizing fusion of Jazz intricacies, soaring guitar work and heartfelt songwriting.."


- Backseat Mafia Music Magazine -

The Story of Fuzasian and Steven Chelliah

“Deep in the heart of Tanjore, India, where the sacred threads of Indian Carnatic music intertwine with history, Steven Chelliah’s lineage was written. Born into a family of Carnatic music composers, Steven’s initiation into the musical realm began tenderly at the age of six. However, it wasn’t just a tradition he was stepping into; it was the inception of an inventive journey.


Chelliah, a double alumnus of the revered Berklee College of Music, honed his craft under the illuminating guidance of industry stalwarts such as Mike Stern and Maria Schneider. But his education went beyond the halls of Berklee. He absorbed the theoretical genius of Joseph Schillinger and George Russell, and their influence on him is palpable.


His creation, the FuzAsian® Method, is a testament to his creativity and dedication. This avant-garde approach weaves Indian scales into the rich tapestry of Jazz, allowing for a chromatic and harmonic voyage that’s hitherto unexplored. With NYC’s Heights Music International publishing his authoritative text on the method, Steven’s name resounded in academic and musical circles alike.


But Chelliah is not just a theoretician. His album, FuzAsian, is a melodious echo of his evolution as a songwriter and vocalist. Here, Fusion Jazz doesn’t just meet songwriting; they dance in an entrancing embrace. Its lead single, “Dreams of Yesterday,” reminisces about the pursuit of the Californian dream, the notes speaking to Steven’s multifaceted ideals. From his guitar strains to the orchestrations that carry the scent of Quincy Jones’ legendary touch, every track feels like a timeless piece, echoing the legacies of Barry Gibb and Paul McCartney.

In FuzAsian, Steven Chelliah isn’t just presenting an album; he’s offering a bridge – from the ancient rhythms of Tanjore to the bustling Jazz clubs of America. And what a magnificent bridge it is.”


By Vman - Fresh New Tracks Magazine, July 21st 2023


Recent Press of The Fuzasian Album


Steven Chelliah's Musical Fusion Redefines Jazz and Songwriting..with his own original system of music known as The FuzAsian® Method. This comprehensive approach systematically applies Indian scales as vehicles for chromatic and harmonic exploration in Jazz..With "FuzAsian", Steven Chelliah has embarked on a deeply personal journey, intertwining his Fusion Jazz roots with his passion for songwriting and vocal music.

by Maelle Miller (Voice Mag UK) July 13th 2023

The mesmerizing world of fusion-jazz music has found a fresh voice in the form of Steven Chelliah, a virtuosic guitarist and composer whose musical journey began at the tender age of 6..Hailing from a lineage of Indian Carnatic music composers, Steven's roots in music run deep, tracing back to the birthplace of Indian Carnatic Music, Tanjore, India. Steven Chelliah's innovative approach to music is reflected in his creation of the FuzAsian® Method, a comprehensive system that ingeniously applies Indian Scales as vehicles for chromatic and harmonic exploration within Jazz.

by Flex Music Blog July 21st 2023

"Gnawing into guitar wood with dextrous fingertips, Steven Chelliah has innovated. His latest album, FuzAsian, is a combination of Fusion Jazz and Indian Carnatic Music that engenders a new sound, which the Malaysian guitarist/songwriter calls his own..Chelliah’s sound relies on what he calls the FuzAsian® Method, a process whereby he employs Indian scales to anchor his rocking sound, a guitar-based tonality that draws from the work of the great Paul McCartney, in a blaze of inspired grit, guitar fuzz, articulate motifs, and blistering chords.

by iGuitar Magazine - July 2023

Beyond his exceptional guitar skills, Chelliah is a maestro in composition, songwriting, music production, and orchestration. The entire ‘FuzAsian’ album is a testament to his versatility and proficiency, as he not only engineered, edited, and produced the record but also co-produced it alongside mix engineer James Knoerl. Every track in the album features original music penned and orchestrated by the gifted musician.

by Simon Lucas-Hughes Backseat Mafia Music Magazine - July 25th 2023

Special thanks to James Knoerl, Marcelo Maccagnan, Skylar Ross, Maurizio Assenti , Alessandro Lombardo, Scryer Photo, Strandberg Guitars, StrumNComfort thumbpicks, and Black Mountain thumbpicks.

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